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Dru's Ducks

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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Duck eggs $7.00 a dozen Our eggs are currently sold on farm and soon to be in Crested Butte . Duck eggs are creamier and have more nutrients and vitamins than chicken eggs. They have a slightly thicker shell and longer shelf life. They have 9 grams of protein (compared to 6 grams in a hen's egg), twice the amount of iron, vitamin A and vitamin B-6, five times the amount of vitamin B-12, more calcium, magnesium, thiamin and niacin than chicken eggs. Because the composition of duck eggs differs so much from chicken eggs, many people who are allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs without problem. Duck eggs can be used just like chicken eggs and are delicious fried, poached, scrambled or in omlettes. Because of the higher protein levels, duck eggs give more loft to baked goods and they are especially good in recipes where the yolk is important - sauces, custards, etc. Yum! How does a duck egg taste? Most fans of duck eggs describe them as richer and creamier. Some say the flavor is stronger, some say its lighter. Strength of flavor can often depend on the ducks diet.
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