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Patter Fam Sauces

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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Patter Fam Foods is your new full-service co-packing partner! We are strategically located in the Ohio-Kentucky-West Virginia tri-state region, in the center of some of the richest agricultural regions in the Eastern U.S. We have a proven track record for expecting high quality in our food products and that meticulous care follows us into our new production facility. We are dedicated to outstanding customer service and food partnerships with our clients. Our mission has always been to make every dining experience great! Our niche is the small producer/cottage based industry that is underserved by the co-packing industry. We can produce your product in quantities as small as 10 gallons or as large as you need. You no longer have to produce in quantities of 100 a 250 gallon runs! If you are a food producer with a limited budget, or a start-up looking for a way to make your product amarket readya we can provide all the service you need to make it happen. From consulting, to branding, to product development to logistics, Patter Fam Foods is the only place you need to look for solutions.
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