76 Gate Greece Townline Rd.
Rochester, NY 14606
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Maier, H. A. Farm

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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We are a family ran/owned farm since 1892! We are also certified in Good agricultural practices or G.A.P and safe food handling! We are Family Ran and Owned since 1892.. We have a large Variety of Fresh Homegrown Vegetable and Fruits!! Such as Sweet Corn, Cabbage, Squash, Peppers ,Cucumbers, Kale, Pumpkins, Strawberries, Apples, Flowers, Turnips...MANY MORE... We are VERY well known for the SWEETEST Sweet Corn around!!! We are at Greece Ridge Mall 8am-3pm During Summer thru Fall ( check the page for updates on the Market)...Thank you for Supporting us and our Family for so many years and many more to come!!
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