2019 Farm Credit Sponsored MarketMaker INNOVATION AWARDS FOR BEST PRACTICES

Posted: Dec 10 2018 09:21:26:227PM

Proposals should feature innovative applications of the MarketMaker program that have demonstrated the support of MarketMakers overarching goals to connect producers to markets and to improve consumer access to fresh, healthy, local foods. An application might include programs or activities that have accomplished any of the following:

Contribute to the well-being of targeted stakeholders (food producers, consumers, NGOs, farm-to-school programs, food banks, food hubs, extension educators, buyers of all types) Build strong partnerships across MarketMaker stakeholder groups Improve profitability for farmers Reach new stakeholder groups Help meet a need for underserved populations Educate the public or farmers in matters related to food Contribute to the overall improvement of the MarketMaker program Create a model which can be shared and used among all MarketMaker states Demonstrate new uses for MarketMaker as a resource Contribute to the overall improvement of the MarketMaker program

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